Organic Beauty Products in India – Safe Formula for Skin Care

Women look forward to finding the best skin care products to maintain the shine and smoothness on their skin. But you should not randomly choose a product that you like just because it’s a brand. In fact, you need to select a product as per the skin type. A wrong or unsuitable skin cream can give a bad effect on your skin.

The need for Beauty Products Online India

Before you purchase any kind of cosmetic or skin and hair care products, you should make sure that they have all-natural formula and ingredients according to your skin type. The organic products must contain at least 95% of organic constituents. It’s suggested to check the ingredients of the products when buying skin care products.

A chemical-based product can harm the skin by making it dry and providing a dull complexion to you. Nowadays, lots of new brands and companies have come up with their advanced organic natural beauty products online making it easier for you to buy natural products easily. Also, these online stores provide users the benefit of making an informed decision while choosing a natural product. There are various blogs, consumer forums and official websites of the skin care brands offering reviews and feedback to the reader to help them buy the best products online. These reviews aid users to make a wise decision.

Picking the right product

You must check the item to ensure it doesn’t contain alcohol, oak bark, chemicals or any other ingredient that can harm your skin. Natural and organic products should include natural ingredients such as green tea, honey, kaolin, grapes, olive oil, turmeric, white tea and others. These ingredients can provide positive effects on both internal and external layers of the skin.

Reasons to prefer organic products over synthetic ones

Choosing the natural skin care products is certainly a great idea as they are sourced and prepared in a more trusted way than synthetic skin products. Sometimes, these synthetic items are natural but they have been prepared from the animal course, synthetic lab-produced or plant source and there may have hyaluronic acid. The major benefits of using a natural organic product on your skin are that it does not cause any side effects. Thus, you get only the positive effects and all-natural shine on your face and skin.

Aura De Purity is a reputed online store that offers all organic, natural and cruelty-free skin and beauty products to help you take great care of your skin. The store provides ayurvedic products that are free of chemicals such as sulfates and phylathes and 100 percent safe. All skin care products here are prepared with combinations of natural ingredients and ancient recipes along with plants, herbs, organic flowers, essential oils, and minerals. The products from Aura De Purity include lip balms, face packs, body butter, bath bombs, chapsticks, soap, face scrub, bath salt and a lot more. All the products are eco-friendly and available at cost-effective prices.

Easy Ways to Avoid Oily Skin and Acne

There are very few lucky people who are blessed with the best skin type. Those who are not so lucky face several skin issues such as pimples, acne, dark patches, dull, oily and rough skin. Different types of skin face diverse issues. Oily skin is one of the most common problems faced by both men and women. Excess oil on the skin can cause acne, blackheads and pimples on the forehead and cheeks.

To avoid the problem, many people use a natural face pack for oily skin. However, there is a proper skin care routine to follow to avoid acne and oily skin.


The basic step is to cleanse your face with a natural face cleanser. It’s vital to choose a cleanser according to skin type otherwise it can cause negative effects on your skin. Choose a non-lathering cleanser for dry skin and a foaming gel for oily skin types. If you are facing the problem of acne, you should choose an acne-fighting cleanser.

Apply a Toner

Toners work effectively when cleansers do not trace the dirt and oil effectively. Choose a good natural toner which can help in removing the skin impurities perfectly. A toner helps the skin pores shrink which stop pimples and acne from forming. Make sure to select an alcohol-free toner to find a natural result.

A moisturizer that can balance sebum production

Moisturizer is a must for all types of skin to maintain its natural glow and shine. You should select a multipurpose skin cream that provides hydration and sun protection at the same time. The best thing is to use a BB and CC cream that can work as serum, primer, moisturizer, sunscreen with SPF and foundation. People with oily skin should buy a moisturizer that can balance sebum construction to save the skin from dryness as well as remove extra oil.

Choose a natural face pack for oily skin

Face masks are vital to keep a skin clean, smooth and well hydrated. They are commonly applied after cleaning or exfoliating the face. Masks help you to prevent and treat skin impurities especially oily skin. But you must select a natural face pack  if you have an oily skin which prepared with all organic and effective ingredients.

Use only water-based makeup products

Avoid using too many cosmetic products on your skin as most of them contain harmful chemicals that can make your skin dull and rough. If required, use only the water-based cosmetics and foundation as the oil-based product can block the skin pores and cause blemishes. A mask should be free from any kind of harmful chemicals such as parabens that can cause serious skin problems as well as severe health issues.

Eat Right Food

No face mask for oily skin can help if you don’t follow a healthy diet. Eating right food is very important to keep both skin and health on a good track. If you have fatty and oily diet regularly, it can affect your skin. Lack of hydration in the body can make skin produce more oil on the surface. Include lots of green vegetables and fruits in your diet to make your skin look glowing and perfect from outside and also maintain the overall health.