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Every woman deserves the best and purest natural products.
We care about you and your skin.

Try Herbal Beauty Products for Healthy Lifestyle

Aura De Purity is an indie brand which promotes a healthier lifestyle and skin care products. We use natural and organic ingredients, free from chemicals and irritants, as we believe your skin deserves the best. Our products are derived from Ayurvedic formulas with a new twist of modern discoveries. It is specially designed for Indian skin, suitable for all skin types. Aura De Purity Products are specially designed for different skin types, as we are aware that every person is different and have different needs. Buy organic cosmetics online India only at Aura De Purity!

We provide Ayurvedic and organic products which are free of sulphates and chemicals. It’s a mix of ancient recipes with natural ingredients, made with organic flowers, herbs, plants, minerals and oils. As the ingredients used are natural and herbal; it repairs your skin from within, and gives your skin a radiant glow. Our concept is to introduce products which are neutral and free of harsh chemicals which are damaging for our skin. We cater for those needs and help people find high quality herbal beauty products in India.

Aura De Purity has a wide range of products from handmade soaps to body butter. Products are made in small batches to control the quality of the products. Skincare products created with using love, dedication and passion. The products are eco-friendly and reusable. Buy Herbal beauty products online here at Aura De Purity!

Aura De Purity is the sister company of R Tech Group, a 4000 crores real estate company. It’s the dream of Ms Priya Yadav, a young entrepreneur with a mission to provide reliable and organic skin care products. She believes that every person deserves the best and purest natural products.

Priya started her own company after getting inspired in college. She always had an interest in skin care and natural products. She believed she could make her passion, her dream. It all began in a simple room, where she herself tried and tested organic products, as she was tired of all the chemicals and unsuitable products which did more harm than good. She developed plant and herb-based skincare products, prepared with the healing effects of essential oils, flowers, and vitamin-rich oils. She got amazing results, as she shared her recipe with family, friends and neighbors. She realized the true potential of the organic ingredients and decided it was time to share them with the world. Priya has done a thesis on organic products from Pearl Academy.

Our target audience is anyone and everyone who believes that their skin deserves the best. For those who believe in the concept of “healthy lifestyle and safe skin”. Our products are made using natural ingredients and without harsh chemicals.

Why Us ?

More Effective & No Irritation

Skincare products that restore your skin to its smooth and glowy look

Actual Scents that Fit your Budget

Natural Herbs that are reasonable enough to be a part of your lifestyle

No strange side effects

Chemical Free products with no side effects to your skin

Gentle over time

Made with organic ingredients, the products are gentle so the skin remains glowing and healthy

Natural Beauty Products Online

Natural, cruelty free products which are highly effective for all skin types

Eco friendly

Eco-friendly products with recyclable exterior cases


Range of products made of rejuvenating materials


100% organic products to bring a glow to your skin


Shop with us for skin nourishment and replenishment


Believing in purity of skin and the soul


I have always had positive experiences with Aura De Purity and am happy to be a customer of such a wonderful company.

Sara Newman


My skin reacts badly to so many ingredients, yet with your products it seems to simply relax. You have given my quality of life a boost. Thank you so very much.

James Newbie


I absolutely love your products are absolutely awesome! I have been searching for almost two years for a product that works on my skin. Thank goodness I found your products!

David Harrison


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