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Aura de purity provides a variety of candle options for special occasions. Whether you are struggling with getting a sound sleep or looking to make your love life more interesting, we have candles for every occasion. Under this section, we offer candles named Sleep Time, Winter Magic, Lover Portion, Big Cloud, Mini Cloud, and Cactus.

All these candles have the primary purpose of giving you a soothing experience along with deem light to enjoy your me-time. They promote deep interrupted sleep and help in relieving the stress of all sorts.

Aura De Purity candles are expertly safely blended with various aromatic products to give you the ultimate experience. We only use natural ingredients and say no to the hard form, non-environment friendly, and synthetic fragrance. Rose, Clove, Geranium, Lavender, Ho Wood, Patchouli, Palmarosa, CHamomile, and other natural oils are used here.

Each candle can give you 8 to 12 hours of uninterrupted burning with great fragrance without any smoke or soot. Let the candlelight just before 30 minutes of your usual bedtime. Once you come to your sleeping palace, the candle will fill the room with its soothing aroma. Stop, inhale and let all your negativity and stress go out. It’s time to be with you and experience it.

Once your night becomes good, the morning automatically turns into a “GOOD MORNING”. Use Aura De Purity especially made candles and make your night as well as day good. Feel more energy, positivity, and zeal to work hard.

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