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Turmeric is a spice that comes from the turmeric plant. It is warm and bitter in taste, and has a rich yellow colour. It is highly popular in Asia not only due to its use in the delicious Asian cuisines also because of its exceedingly Ayurvedic nature. Some of the benefits of turmeric are: Anti-Inflammatory Properties As per numerous studies, curcumin, a potent compound in turmeric, can reduce inflammation in the body. You can use it by adding it in your food as most Indian families already do. Turmeric tea and milk are one more way to use it. It will also enhance the flavours and spice up your food and drinks.Due to its non-toxic nature, you can even apply it directly to your skin as it will give your skin a healthy glow. Fights against aging and wrinkles Turmeric contains curcuminoid shades that

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